Backyard snow

Is Frozen Grass a Bad Thing? Your lawn in winter.

In many parts of the country a relatively early snowfall helped put a very swift end to the lawn care season.  With many lawn services attempting to finish up for the season the early end to their financial opportunity can be made up by revenue created by snow removal and ice melt but what about […]


Whats up with that Winterizing Treatment?

As we cruise through the month of November just about every type of grass begins to go into it’s normal state of dormancy.  No matter if you have a blue grass lawn in Bangor, ME or a Bermuda grass lawn in Buckhead, GA your lawn is beginning to think that it wants to take a […]


Your Lawn in Late Fall

So those first emails from your Mom, Sister or Aunt Edna have started to come in regarding what the plans are for Thanksgiving this year.  You’ve made one or two trips outside on Sunday afternoon to rake up the leaves, even though more and more will continue to fall.  It’s getting to be darn cold […]


Not Another Lawn Care Leaf Blog!!

  Recently, we’ve spent a good deal of time talking about the impact of leaves on your lawn.  Like everything else confusion can reign when it comes to most lawn care chores but the fact of the matter is that you can’t “leave” them there……can you?  Heck no.  It would create a terrible mess and […]

Irrigation Winterization

Make no mistake about it, one of the most important things on your “closing up for the winter” check list has to be the winterization of your irrigation system.  Without taking care of this item on your “to do” list you are risking serious damage on part of your home that you’ve made a significant […]

Leaves on the lawn… mulch or not to mulch?

It’s that time of year where the questions about leaves on the lawn start pouring into lawn services around the country.  Questions like, “Is it okay to leave the leaves, or should I mulch them or how often should I rake them?” You would think that the answer is pretty self explanatory but we tend […]

Grass Roots; Deep and Strong

When the temperatures decline your roots don’t stop growing. Are your roots deep? When it comes to fertilization we’ve made it relatively clear that fall is the absolute best time to make some progress with turf quality.  Fall is the best time to fertilize to develop and strengthen those roots. With cooler temperatures and shorter […]

Your BeeSafe Lawn in Fall

Have you had enough with your lawn yet?   There are a few basic fall lawn care tips that will ensure a healthy lawn next spring. 1. Keep Mowing — continue to mow your lawn for as long as it is growing. Growth may slow down as temperatures and available daylight fall, but you should […]

Reduce Compaction—-Allow for some fresh air for your organic lawn.

Your BeeSafe Lawn wants to breathe! From the time you make your first cut of the year until you put the mower away for the winter  your lawn may become compacted. Aerating in the fall can be a vital step in correcting this problem. The aeration process includes removing small plugs of soil to allow […]

Your BeeSafe Lawn’s Final Cut.

We know it’s barely October and your BeeSafe lawn will continue to grow for at least a few weeks depending on where exactly you live.  (Here’s hoping its AT LEAST A FEW MORE WEEKS!) But the intelligent lawn lover begins to consider exactly when that final mowing will be well in advance of it actually […]